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About Us

Credit Union Membership for You and Your Family

Family Membership Includes
Spouse, Child, Stepchild, Mother, Father, Grandparent, Brother, Sister, Grandchild, Stepbrother, Stepsister, Stepmother, and Stepfather

Advantages of Credit Union Membership

Over and above the financial benefits provided by a credit union, Rediform's members can take advantage of the following:

          • Discounted Regal Cinema Tickets
          • Membership to Sam's Club
          • $1,000 Group Accident Insurance "Free of Charge"
          • Bonus Travel
          • Discount Shopping

Your Savings at Rediform Credit Union Are Federally Insured to $250,000 through the National Credit Union Administration a Federal Agency

"To become the primary financial institution for our members by promoting savings and providing consumer credit at reasonable rates. To provide the highest level of services while maintaining financial security.

Enjoy the advantages of credit union membership.

Savings Made Easy!

To initiate payroll savings, you will sign an authorization slip for payroll deduction. The amount specified will be automatically deducted from your payroll check and forwarded to the Credit Union every payroll period.

Your savings account in a credit union is called your Share Account. A share has a par value of $5.00.

Types of Loans

          • PERSONAL LOANS
          • TUITION LOANS


 Equal Housing Lender

Types of Share Accounts Available:

          • REGULAR SHARE ACCOUNTS – Dividends are paid on a quarterly basis based on the credit union's
            earnings for the period.
          • SHARE CERTIFICATES – Offers members a higher dividend in return for a commitment of keeping their
            money on deposit for a specified time.
          • IRAs – Members can save for their retirement while earning tax deferred dividends on a quarterly 
          • CHRISTMAS CLUBS – Convenient way to save for your Holiday spending.
          • SHARE DRAFT ACCOUNTS – Inexpensive way to maintain your checking account. No minimum
            balance, no monthly service fee and no per check charge on our draft (checking) accounts.
          • MONEY MARKET ACCOUNTS – Dividends paid monthly, minimum balance $2,000.

What Is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a non-profit financial organization owned and operated by the members for the benefit of all who belong. All earnings from loans and investments are returned to the members in the form of dividends or other benefits, after expenses and legal reserves are set aside.

The minute you become a credit union member you become an owner.

Credit unions offer convenient and confidential services. Rediform can be your credit union. The more you participate, the more you share in its benefits. Credit unions have long been known for a philosophy as true today as ever:



How Can I Join the Credit Union?

Each person in our field of membership may join Rediform Federal Credit Union by completing a membership card and delivering it to the credit union in person or by mail.

Along with the card, you will need $6.00.

$5.00 is your initial deposit and $1.00 is your membership fee.

Call today for more information.


Miscellaneous Information

           • Members may contact the Credit Union by calling 1-800-552-8673 or 716-284-2430 during regular
             business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Statements of accounts are
             distributed on a quarterly basis and 1099s are issued at year-end for income tax purposes.

           • Members may utilize the Voice Response Module by calling 1-800-258-2104 or 716-284-0675. A
             member's complete account relationships can be accessed via a touch-tone phone. This 24-hour
            service provides the following transactions:

We offer many, convenient services.

=> Balance Inquiries
=> Withdrawals by Check
=> Transfers Between Accounts
=> Loan Payments via Transfers
=> Product Information
=> Marketing and Promotional Information

          • Your Credit Union is examined by the National Credit Union
            Administration and is audited annually by the Supervisory
           Committee and by an independent outside auditing service.

          • After an account is inactive for more than 3 years we will 
            send a verification notice that must be signed and returned by
            the member. If the account becomes abandoned, we are
            obligated to turn the money over to the State. If your account
            balance is less than $5.00, a monthly service charge of $1.00
            is imposed.