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Rediform Federal Credit Union

3236 Lockport Road Niagara Falls, NY 14305
Phone: 716-284-2430 - Fax: 716-284-0923

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A voice response unit (VRU) is an automated telephone answering system consisting of hardware and software that allows the caller to navigate through a series of prerecorded messages and use a menu of options through the buttons on a touch-tone telephone or through voice recognition

Access your  Accounts 24 Hours 7 Days a week

How to use the Voice Response Unit:

After dialing 716-284-0675 or 1-800-258-2104 the VRU operator will ask you to press 1 on your touch tone phone. After pressing 1, the operator will give you several options:

  • For current account activity, press 1
  • To perform an account transaction, press 2
  • For rates and general information, press 3
  • For the credit union hours, press 5
  • To change your access code, press 8
  • To exit the system, press 9
  • To speak with a C.U. Representative, press 0

After you have made your selection, the VRU Operator will ask you to enter your account number and your access code.

Continue to follow the instructions from the operator
To make account inquiries or
Transfer Shares to Drafts or
Transfer Shares to Loans or
Request withdrawals

 If you do not have your account number or access code please contact the credit union office.